About Dr. Jerry Hankins Poetry

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Dr. Jerry Hankins

Dr. Jerry Hankins has always enjoyed “The Play” with the power and meanings of Words in songs and poetry. His first poem that he remembers was for 8th grade English class. Dr. Hankins teacher said to write about things he knew. So he wrote about the chemical dance between atoms to make a water molecule. The teacher said she had never understood  chemistry, and then she still didn’t, but Dr. Hankins got an “A” on it.

Dr. Hankins continued with writing short stories, and articles for classes and his high school paper. Through college he mostly studied for classes, but he became a fan of various song writers and styles.

In Graduate and Med School, Dr. Jerry Hankins started a journal, and the writings were about his response to life situations and experiences. Third year Clinics exposed him to a lot of life and death situations, and poetry was a great release for his emotions. It helped quieten his mind. And as with most poetry, it was kept private, just for himself.

While in Residency, Dr. Jerry Hankins began to Read more for leasure and he found joy in that as a pastime. He enjoyed Donna Tartt, Louis L’Amour, Steven King, Anne Rice, Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Crichton, etc. Dr. Hankins wrote some poetry during this time. It was a little lighter and brighter.

Once Dr. Jerry Hankins had children, his interest in reading became as untapped as theirs. As he read to them, they enjoyed older children’s books, partly because of the difference in the use of words,rhyme and rhythm, like Dr. Suess, Barney the Dog, Narnia series, and so forth. While reading to them, his own personal habit of reading grew. Dr. Hankins expanded his own readings to J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Brock and Bodie Thoene, etc. Dr. Hankins read many books on religion, history, sic-fi, etc.

Dr. Jerry Hankins latest writings remain a release for things that emotionally effect or trouble him. He has found a new inspiration and a voice. As they all finally mature, with a variety of life experiences, he finds new meaning in past writings. When he read my old poems, it’s freaky to him just how much meaning that is still there.  Dr. Jerry Hankins plans to continue to write and express himself and he hopes it will help someone get their voice.