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A Closer Look at Dr. Jerry Hankins

The importance of Poetry is definitely worth considering. Luckily. there are many great resources online to help discover more information about its importance. One one of these resources is Poetry.org. The introductory paragraph on Poetry.org states:

“Poetry.org is a resource site for poetry and poets. Here you can learn about thhistory, meaning, and types of poetry, as well as terms often used when reading and studying poetry. There is also the resource page: a series of links to various poetry sites for daily poetry, poetry organizations, poet biographies, and more. And there is our selection of poetry from various famous poets, including William ShakespeareRobert FrostEmily Dickinson, and e e cummings.”

The website notes that they do not any affiliation to the Poetry Foundation. 

One of the resources of the website is an explanation of what Poetry is- a definition of sorts. A long description on the history of poetry is also provided. The various types of Poetry are discussed as well. Some of these types of Poetry are more well known than others. Many would recognize the terms Concrete Poetry or Limeriks, but how about Minnesinger or Parnassian?

Information about Parnassianism can be found by clicking here.

Another great feature about the website is their list of famous poets. Clicking on the name of a poet will bring you to a page with a sample of their poetry as well as a link to their full biography. Lastly, a link section on the website, can connect you with a number of other great resources related to Poetry. If Poetry interest a person, but they don’t know a lot about what it encompasses, Poetry.org may be a great place to start. View some of Dr. Jerry Hankins’ work by exploring his own site.