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Dr. Jerry Hankins Poetry

Poetry is an important form of expression to Dr. Jerry Hankins. On this page you will find some of Dr. Jerry Hankins’ written poetry. Check back for additional poetry in the coming months.


Beat The Beast

The beat of the ocean does not change.

Only ships left have remembered names.

Broadside, blast of light, cannons roar

And the final action is engaged.

Which flags will be left to soar?

Beneath this fury of fire and smoke

the beat of the ocean remains the same.

Aside, an applause, then weeping away

Alas, this battle is all the rage.

The stage has been set till it ends.

No one bows once this curtain descends.

Just sinking ships on the Moon-lit crests.

And that  Beast  of the ocean forgets.


Making Thieves

Nature’s fertile vectors of hummingbirds and bees

Attacking flowers so eloquently

Beauty steals from beauty deliberately

Continuing in this exchange for free

the performance is Replenishing for both

and Ending in glee for you from me

For I’m only another accomplice of the contribution

from a long line of thieves

Justified for giving to another beauty to receive

And continuing the making of thieves


Being in Mississippi

Being cast in a white crest and hurtled –

there and back again;

Bobbing, up and down, out of control,

but to a definite destination.

And to Only to be propelled

to the phantom depths of desire,

Crushed… by a being that is

calm, warm, and damp.

and left that way.. but not alone

Enveloped by overhanging shadows,

wind-blown rustlings,

And on an ease of steadiness…

Gliding freely for miles on miles

Grasping for air, Gasping for air

And further in the distance,

There it is moving, or is it motionless,

or does it seem so now?

bright whiteness, thrilled to exhaustion.

And all that was from what?

…what a roaring raindrop!

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