Dr. Jerry Hankins – An Overview of Poetry

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Poetry is a very fascinating in that it has a rich history and can have many literary qualities. When one is studying the “meter, rhythm, and intonation” of a poem it is called prosody. There are a number of different genres in poetry as well. If one were to tell a story through their poetry, it could be considered narrative poetry. Chaucer and Edgar Allen Poe are two well-known examples of poets who wrote narrative poetry. Epic poetry can be seen as an extension of this as it can appear very narrative in quality. A famous example of this would be the Epic of Gilgamesh. Dramatic poetry has roots back to Greek tragedy. Verse fables also dates back to antiquity. Aesop is very famous for his fables. An interesting type of poetry is speculative poetry- it can have some horror or science fiction themes. This is the type of poetry Edgar Allen Poe is best known for. For more information about poetry please visit Poetry.org or go back to the main homepage for Dr. Jerry Hankins Poetry site.